Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Ceromonies" review in True Cult Heavy Metal

True Cult Heavy Metal's Pete Woods caught the press screening of "Ceromonies" and offers this lengthy review. Here's a snippet:
Visually, things are ever shape shifting and the filmic aspects go way beyond anything anyone should really expect from mere concert footage. It is evident that this is what has taken so long to get the project realised. Tones change from muted pastels to stark black and white, it is as though the film stock has been partly aged at times too, coming across as mottled rather than gaudy and very much like something from the past rather than the future, which we anticipate will be forthcoming. The camera roves ever reaching for nooks and crannies like a Giallo director trying to really get beneath the skin of their subject. Suddenly it homes in on something. A flash of Carl's eyes are transposed almost subliminally during the hammer smash frenzy of 'Penetration' and left burnt onto the retinas, leaving you wondering if you saw them or not.