Friday, January 20, 2012

"Ceromonies" Unveiled

Yesterday in London, a gaggle of journalists were treated to two press screenings of the "Ceromonies" DVD at the Sanctum Hotel in Soho. The folks at Sonic Shocks have already offered a review:

The reactivation of Fields Of the Nephilim: Ceromonies
DVD advance screening at Sanctum Hotel, Soho, London
by Marcus J. West

Double hit for for the English gothic venerated establishment better known as Fields Of the Nephilim: on March 5th Ceromonies will be released in two formats, a striking sixty minute long DVD and a live recording immortalizing the two memorable sold out shows at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in 2008. The first impact of tonight’s screening of the DVD at the Sanctum Hotel in Soho, courtesy of EMI, invades with chaos magic and the presence of Sumerian Gods that seem to feed allure to the crowd as they became one with the band, in a duel of black and white and subtle-colored powerful images. Carl McCoy, frontman and mastermind cowboy warlock of Fields of the Nephilim, explains in an interview (which will be featured on issue no. 7 of our magazine) what triggered this mind-blowing project, which he impressively edited all by himself and which is destined to feed the community of the ones who dare, and the ones that cannot have enough of the barrier of the unknown, where magic and occult meet. Both the DVD and live album are already must haves to get ready to be part of Fields Of The Nephilim forthcoming live shows.

The band's manager, Rob Ferguson, also shared his thoughts on the screening on Facebook:

Yesterday we did two press screenings for the new Fields of the Nephilim DVD. great to see hardened rock journalists genuinely losing their shit during the screening and a spontaneous round of applause at the end! It really is that good.