Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inside the new Metal Hammer FOTN feature

The new issue of Metal Hammer (with Corey Taylor on the cover) is on UK newsstands now, featuring a 4-page spread on Fields of the Nephilim. Rather than being a rehash, the article, by writer John Doran, contains a number of interesting tidbits about the "Ceromonies" gigs and package, including:

* The Dec. 29. 2007 show in Helsinki was on the anniversary of Grigori Rasputin's death;
* The Marc 15, 2008 show in Warsaw was on the anniversary of H.P. Lovecraft's death;
* The March 21, 2008 show in Athens was on the equinox, the Thelemic new year;
* The July 13, 2008 show in London, the second of two dates at Shepherd's Bush Empire, was on the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II's astrologer, the mystic John Dee;
* "Ceromonies" took so long to come out because Carl McCoy insisted on doing the entire thing himself;
* McCoy is eager to record new material: "Whether that will be an LP straight away or a series of EPs, I don't know. ... I've been working on new material for the last four months, and now it's time to get into the studio, get my head down and get some new music out."
* He talks about his longstanding interest in the spirituality and philosophies of Thelema;
* He talks about the Nephs' unique look, and how the band pioneered some aspects of goth DIY fashion and the use of colored contact lenses (and claims he adopted the pale lenses to look more like his grandfather);
* He says, "I'm still essentially a shy kid, even though I've picked a funny career for somebody who doesn't like being recognized. I was hiding behind all those things. I still am.";
* The band was once arrested in Nottingham when police mistook their sacks of flour for cocaine!

Many thanks to Cobweb for sending me the article! If anyone would like to transcribe it, we'd love to have it in the Press section.