Thursday, March 29, 2012

FOTN returns to Shepherds Bush Empire

Fields of the Nephilim announced today that they will return to the Shepherds Bush Empire in London for a special show on Oct. 31, Halloween, 2012.

Carl McCoy made this statement about the gig:

“As with any unfortunate cancellation we were disappointed to hear that this year’s Sonisphere Festival in the UK has been called off as we were very much looking forward to performing there. However we are now pleased to confirm that we are returning to one of our favourite remaining London venues on October 31st."

Tickets go on sale at 9 a.m. March 30 (London time) at this link:

In addition, the organizers of Sonisphere announced the reason behind their cancellation on their Web site:

Putting the festival together in what is proving to be a very challenging year was more difficult than we anticipated and we have spent the last few months fighting hard to keep Sonisphere in the calendar. Unfortunately circumstances have dictated that we would be unable to run the festival to a standard that both the artists and that Sonisphere’s audience would rightly expect.

We want to express our deepest regrets to the artists and to thank all the staff, suppliers and contractors who worked so hard with us to try and pull off what has proven to be an impossible task and we know how much they share in our disappointment. We also want to send a huge thanks to the Sonisphere fans who stuck by us and we are so sorry that we can’t fulfil what we set out to do.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sonisphere canceled

NME is reporting that this year's Sonisphere Festival, where FOTN were scheduled to perform, has been canceled. Unfortunately, the organizers have not yet stated the reason for the cancellation.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Ceromonies" delay explained + box set unveiled

As most of you know, the "Ceromonies" release has been pushed back a couple of times. I asked Fields of the Nephilim's management if they could supply an explanation for the setback. Here's what we got, courtesy of EMI:

Due to the complex nature of the manufacturing process the release date for the entire ‘Ceromonies’ project has had to move to April 9th.

We don't know what that means for people who received an email saying the release would ship April 11.

Also, today the FOTN official store began taking pre-orders for the "Ceromonies" limited edition box set, pictured below:

It includes:
* Two CDs, the "Ad Mortem/Ad Vitam" disks from Shepherd's Bush Empire
* 1 DVD
* Two vinyl albums with "Ad Mortem/At Vitam" on red vinyl
* A special-edition booklet with artwork, graphics and photos from Sheer Faith
* A brushed-metal pendant with the "Ceromonies" seal
* A flag or altar cloth with the "Ceromonies" seal
* A limited-edition photo signed by Carl McCoy
* A laminated artist pass from the SBE shows
* A handmade wooden box to hold everything

The sale price? £106.66, somehow commemorating both the Norman conquest of England and the number of the Beast.

So, what of this word, "Ceromonies?" Is it just spelled incorrectly? Probably not. In some languages, "cero" is the word for zero, and in others, it refers to a layer of wax, or of tall candles. (It's also a kind of mackerel from the West Indies, but that seems less relevant). So, a candlelight ritual? A wax seal? A moment that brings us back to Year Zero? McCoy does so love to keep us guessing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FOTN to play Brutal Assault Festival (probably)

We haven't seen official confirmation of this yet, but promoters are saying that Fields of the Nephilim will perform at this year's Brutal Assault Festival, held August 8 to 11 in the Czech Republic. Other major acts lined up for the festival include Machinehead, Dimmu Borgir, Ministry, Immortal, and Amon Amarth. We'll let you know when the show is confirmed and when tickets go on sale.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

FOTN Lyss setlist

Main set:
Straight To The Light
Trees Come Down
From The Fire
Preacher Man
Love Under Will
Zoon Pt 3
The Watchman

Last Exit For The Lost

I don't see any tweets from the show; if you were there and want to share your thoughts, please contact us! Thanks to Ande for the setlist.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FOTN in Obskure, Metal Talk; McCoy a "Golden God"

In better news, Fields of the Nephilim is featured in the March 9, 2012 issue of Obskure magazine (with Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman on the cover).

In addition, Carl McCoy is interviewed on Metal Talk, and is a nominee for best metal band (?!?) on Metal Hammer's web site -- part of their "Golden Gods" awards.

"Ceromonies" delayed again?

Many people who preordered the "Ceromonies" set (particularly in Europe) received emails today claiming that the set is delayed and will ship April 9. is still listing a release date of March 13. is actually claiming it's available now but "ships within 9 to 11 days." Official channels have been mum on the subject. I suppose when the product is in our hands, we'll know it's available.

How to follow tomorrow's show in Lyss

I'm going to be offline much of tomorrow, when Fields will play in Lyss, Switzerland. But you can keep an eye on things by watching the Twitter ticker on the right-hand side of the news page. I'll post a setlist and roundup as soon as I can. Please email me your thoughts if you attend the show!

Monday, March 5, 2012

FOTN in Record Collector

Fields of the Nephilim has a new multi-page article in the March 2012 issue of Record Collector magazine (with David Bowie on the cover). Among other things, Carl McCoy mentions that there are some FOTN items in the vaults that he wouldn't mind releasing some day, and that the band will be playing new music at summer shows. Thanks to Glenn for the summary.

"To Believe in Something" live in Manchester

The Eden House has been tearing it up in the UK the past few days. Here they are performing "To Believe in Something" live in Manchester on March 3:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

FOTN press roundup

We've been remiss in noting all the magazines publishing new features on Fields of the Nephilim, but here's a quick list:

* Kerrang! magazine, week of Feb. 22, 2012, ("Rockstar Confessions" on the cover). "Penetration" was named one of "This week's essential tracks." "Highly influential metallers Fields of the Nephilim are releasing a live album/DVD soon, and this is three minutes, 45 seconds' worth of awesomeness from it."

* Classic Rock magazine (Van Halen on the cover): "Goth overlord, occultist, flour-powered cowboy vagabond, object of ridicule. FOTN mainman Carl McCoy and his band are back for one more shot. But a reunion it is not."

* Dominion magazine, March 2012 (Epica on the cover).

* MOJO magazine, April 2012 (Paul Weller on the cover), "Ceromonies" review.

* Zillo magazine, March 2012 (Al Jourgenson on the cover).

* Orkus magazine, March 2012.

* Sonic Seducer magazine, March 2012 (In Extremis on the cover).

* Vive Le Rock magazine #6 (John Lydon on the cover).

Many, many thanks to Ande for finding all these. Let us know if we missed any. If anyone has transcriptions of the articles, we'll put them in the press section!