Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Ceromonies" delay explained + box set unveiled

As most of you know, the "Ceromonies" release has been pushed back a couple of times. I asked Fields of the Nephilim's management if they could supply an explanation for the setback. Here's what we got, courtesy of EMI:

Due to the complex nature of the manufacturing process the release date for the entire ‘Ceromonies’ project has had to move to April 9th.

We don't know what that means for people who received an email saying the release would ship April 11.

Also, today the FOTN official store began taking pre-orders for the "Ceromonies" limited edition box set, pictured below:

It includes:
* Two CDs, the "Ad Mortem/Ad Vitam" disks from Shepherd's Bush Empire
* 1 DVD
* Two vinyl albums with "Ad Mortem/At Vitam" on red vinyl
* A special-edition booklet with artwork, graphics and photos from Sheer Faith
* A brushed-metal pendant with the "Ceromonies" seal
* A flag or altar cloth with the "Ceromonies" seal
* A limited-edition photo signed by Carl McCoy
* A laminated artist pass from the SBE shows
* A handmade wooden box to hold everything

The sale price? £106.66, somehow commemorating both the Norman conquest of England and the number of the Beast.

So, what of this word, "Ceromonies?" Is it just spelled incorrectly? Probably not. In some languages, "cero" is the word for zero, and in others, it refers to a layer of wax, or of tall candles. (It's also a kind of mackerel from the West Indies, but that seems less relevant). So, a candlelight ritual? A wax seal? A moment that brings us back to Year Zero? McCoy does so love to keep us guessing.