Thursday, March 1, 2012

FOTN press roundup

We've been remiss in noting all the magazines publishing new features on Fields of the Nephilim, but here's a quick list:

* Kerrang! magazine, week of Feb. 22, 2012, ("Rockstar Confessions" on the cover). "Penetration" was named one of "This week's essential tracks." "Highly influential metallers Fields of the Nephilim are releasing a live album/DVD soon, and this is three minutes, 45 seconds' worth of awesomeness from it."

* Classic Rock magazine (Van Halen on the cover): "Goth overlord, occultist, flour-powered cowboy vagabond, object of ridicule. FOTN mainman Carl McCoy and his band are back for one more shot. But a reunion it is not."

* Dominion magazine, March 2012 (Epica on the cover).

* MOJO magazine, April 2012 (Paul Weller on the cover), "Ceromonies" review.

* Zillo magazine, March 2012 (Al Jourgenson on the cover).

* Orkus magazine, March 2012.

* Sonic Seducer magazine, March 2012 (In Extremis on the cover).

* Vive Le Rock magazine #6 (John Lydon on the cover).

Many, many thanks to Ande for finding all these. Let us know if we missed any. If anyone has transcriptions of the articles, we'll put them in the press section!