Thursday, April 26, 2012

FOTN in The Guardian

Carl McCoy was interviewed for a piece in the Guardian on why goths don't change their stripey tights once they "grow up." It's a wonderful article, where McCoy effuses about the WGT in Leipzig and the reporter even checks in with Paul Hodkinson, author of Goth: Identity Style and Subculture, one of the only academic studies of goth culture. Here's a quip from McCoy:
He doesn't mind Fields of the Nephilim being labelled a goth band. "I see that as a label the followers have given themselves. It's a brilliant following. We're quite lucky, they've stayed with us and grown. We do this festival in Leipzig in Germany and the whole town is taken over for a week – the whole town – by these people draped in black, wonderful, massive, dramatic clothes. It's fantastic."