Sunday, April 1, 2012

New music from Peter Yates + NFD

Former FOTN guitarist Peter Yates has released a new album, featuring Evi Vine and Stephen Hill, called Soundtrack for a Breakdown, which is available for download at Bandcamp. His previous albums, also featuring Evi Vine, are available as well.

NFD have been furiously working away in the studio in recent weeks, putting together a new album -- working title Waking the Dead. It will be the followup to 2008's Deeper Visions. Other than Bob Black, the lineup for now remains a mystery; the album is planned for release by Jungle Records in October, with a single earlier in the fall.

Bob recently posted:

With Carl out there doing the Neph thing so well and Eden house doin their awesome thang i feel free to take NFD to where its sound truely belongs, all 3 bands giving 100% and providing a different part of the spectrum, a wining situation for everyone methinks :)

To learn more and follow NFD's studio process, check them out on Facebook.