Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Ceromonies" review/retrospective on Invisible Oranges

It's been a long, long time since I reviewed a Fields of the Nephilim album, but I wrote a review of the new "Ceromonies" box set -- and a retrospective of the band -- for Invisible Oranges. It's online today at this link. Here's an excerpt:
As sets, the live discs work. As rituals, they don’t quite make it. The live DVD is another matter. Despite collapsing both Shepherds Bush Empire gigs into one set, it flows seamlessly, demonstrating Fields of the Nephilim’s live prowess and McCoy’s magnetism. Mourning Sun opener “Shroud” is the invocation, summoning the singer to his microphone in the center of a red Enochian septagram. McCoy appears ageless, decked in flour-dusted leathers and his trademark black hat, punching his potent growl into “Straight to the Light.” The dry-ice fog, richly colored lights, glowy production and occasional slow-motion edits give the video a dreamlike quality, amplifying the sensation that you’ve been taken somewhere else. The disc closes with the one-two-three punch of “Moonchild,” the Nephs’ biggest hit single, “Psychonaut,” and “Mourning Sun” – odes to Crowley, chaos magic via the Necronomicon, and fallen angels, respectively. Magical indeed.