Saturday, March 23, 2013

Helsinki Surprise

I'd heard rumors that something "very special" would happen in Helsinki, and sure enough, it did. Tony Pettitt, the founding bassist of Fields of the Nephilim, who now plays regularly with NFD and the Eden House, took on bass duties last night in Finland. No word yet on whether this is a one-off or whether he'll play more shows with FOTN live, but still, what a treat for those who were there. To see a photo of Tony in action, check out this photo from FOTN manager Rob Ferguson.

Here's a bit of a post from Oskar Terramortis about the situation that led to Tony's appearance with the band last night. And and here's another from Obksure magazine (en Francais).

Hopefully we'll get the setlist soon, and I expect we'll start seeing videos turn up from the show as people begin to recover from what they witnessed last night in Scandinavia.

EDIT: Here's the setlist (Yes, I'm assuming that's a typo in the date), thanks to @spiraldrain and Ande Tucker:

Main set:
Straight to the Light
One More Nightmare
From the Fire
Love Under Will
The Watchman
Preacher Man
Zoon Pt. 3

Last Exit For The Lost
Vet for the Insane

And here's the video for "Last Exit." So good to hear Tony on the bass.


The Watchman:

Love Under Will: