Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Message From The Owner

As many of you know, I've been running this site for ages (I honestly can't remember how long). I do my best to keep up with everything, both here and on the Facebook page (which is often more up-to-date). But I've got a full-time job, a side career and a family -- not to mention a case of absent-mindedness that would be funny if it didn't sometimes make people angry with me.

This is a place where I share news about Fields of the Nephilim and any related band -- meaning any band that includes musicians who were either in FOTN or Nefilim. It's a lot to keep up with, and because so much of it passes by in a blur on Facebook, I miss things. If you are in one of those bands, or if you're following one of those bands and there's something new to report, please share it with me so I can add it to Sumerland. I've added a handy "CONTACT" link over there on the left to make it easier. And yes, it really does need to be emailed. I often never see the messages people send on Facebook, mostly because Facebook is buggy.

Sumerland is, and always has been, a community effort, not the least because FOTN has a pretty great community surrounding it. I appreciate everything you've done to help keep this site up to date, and appreciate you making sure I don't forget anything.