Wednesday, July 10, 2013

NFD O2 Academy London setlist

NFD made its triumphant return to the London stage on Saturday (alas, without Tony Pettitt holding down the bottom end), playing at the O2 Academy before retiring to an afterparty at Slimelight for a Red Lorry Yellow Lorry gig. A kind soul over at the Dawnrazor forum reviewed both shows -- including all the openers -- and included the setlist for NFD. Here it is:

Main set:
When the Sun Dies
Got Left Behind
Remain in Chains
Red Sky Burning
The Unknown
Return to Dust
Light my Way

One Moment Between Us

"Watcher" summarized: " Bob and his gang started with their killer hit “When the Sun Dies” and then focused on their new material. They played 5 songs from their forthcoming new ep. Definitely some of the best songs that they have ever composed. Amazing guitar work from both Chris and James and Bob’s vocals exactly the way they should be!"