Saturday, December 6, 2014

Shepherds Bush Empire Dec. 6, 2014 Setlist + Video

FOTN wrapped the second night of their 30th anniversary shows in London tonight. Check out the setlist (with the correct titles of the two new songs, both of which were played both nights):

Main set:
Straight to the Light
Preacher Man
The Watchman
For Her Light
At the Gates of Silent Memory
(Paradise Regained?)
Zoon III (Wake World)
Last Exit for the Lost

Mourning Sun

This list again comes by way of Dave, who added that a few of the songs were very aggressive on the second night. In particular, he said "Preacher Man" was "almost brutal") and that "Dawnrazor" was "very raw." Sounds like an amazing night.

For the many of us who couldn't be there, here's the video from the Dec. 5 performance of "Prophecy."