Sunday, May 17, 2015

What happened at Eurorock

Fields of the Nephilim was scheduled to perform at the Eurorock festival this weekend, but they didn't. On the band's Facebook page, they posted this explanation:

MESSAGE FROM MANAGEMENT RE: EUROROCK For those that are curious / disappointed, here's what went down at EuroRock. We travelled to the show from England having hired buses / drivers etc. during our journey we were in constant contact with festival production and nothing untoward was mentioned (although by this time they were fully aware of the situation). Upon arrival at the festival site we were informed that there was a 'situation'. This turned out to be more than just a situation for us.... The equipment they had booked for us in order to play was not on site, because the festival organisers had failed to pay for it. None of our technical requirements had been met. No catering (the guys had been on the road for 10 hours). To make matters even worse we were also told that we would not be paid. We had no alternative but to retreat to the hotel and accept that due to matters beyond our control we were prevented from delivering the show. We sincerely apologise to the many fans who were disappointed, we all feel exactly the same.
Bassist Tony Pettitt also posted this on his own page:
All I can say about last night is that it was an impossible situation for us to play. I know other bands managed to do it but without the equipment and lots of other factors it was never going to happen . Sorry for the no show but it's going to be 100% or nothing.
On the Eurorock Facebook page, they only say that "FOTN pulled out at the last minute." And this article suggests that someone stole 80,000 euros from the festival organizers -- money intended for band payments.

I'll reach out to the festival promoters to see if they want to add anything. If they do, I'll share what I find out.